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PowerShell Script Provider

Write your own PowerShell provider using only script, no C# required. Module definition is provided by a Windows PowerShell 2.0 Module, which may be pure script, binary or a mix of both.

Provider is debuggable in PowerShell ISE, like any other script. All functions in backing module reflect the same signature as those found on MSDN. This means that you go to MSDN documentation on providers to learn about how to write the corresponding script.

Available on NuGet as PowerShell.ScriptedProvider.

Current Release PSProvider 0.4


Samples and Templates



  • ContainerCmdletProvider support through "ModuleBoundProvider" provider
  • Demo provider included navigating a Hashtable
  • Can be debugged in the debugger of your choice: console, ISE, PowerGUI.


  • NavigationCmdletProvider support
  • Providers rename to ContainerScriptProvider and TreeScriptProvider
  • Container Sample & Tree Template modules
  • Supports: Clear-Item, Copy-Item, Get-Item, Invoke-Item, Move-Item, New-Item, Remove-Item, Rename-Item, Set-Item


  • IContentCmdletProvider support
  • New Commands: New-ContentReader, New-ContentWriter implement IContentReader, IContentWriter
  • Adds support for: Add-Content, Clear-Content, Get-Content, Set-Content

0.4 (Current Release)

  • IPropertyCmdletProvider support
  • Adds support for: Clear-ItemProperty, Copy-ItemProperty, Get-ItemProperty, Move-ItemProperty, New-ItemProperty, Remove-ItemProperty, Rename-ItemProperty, Set-ItemProperty


  • Dynamic Parameter support


  • Security Interfaces
  • Adds support for: Get-ACL, Set-ACL

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